Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pileated Woodpecker

Another gloomy day and I wasn't sure where to go birding. I wandered around a bit and ended up at Wapato State Park. The trail was pretty sloppy with mud in places and while trying to traverse one of these areas without slipping on my butt a Pileated Woodpecker swooped in announcing its arrival with its loud call.
It was near the top of a large tree and I was only able to get a few shots of it before it took off. Not the greatest pictures, but I don't see Pileateds very often. I heard it (and perhaps another) calling out throughout the rest of my walk through the park, occasionally seeing it flying from tree to tree, but I never got anymore close looks.


  1. One of my favorite birds. We had a pair that nested in the woods on my parents property years ago.

  2. Oh man that is the muddiest trail ever... Nice find in all that gloom!